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Walpole Cross Keys Primary School

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Programme

On Tuesday 27th April, 4th and 11th May our Year 4, 5  & 6 took part in the Healthy Body Healthy Mind Programme with Joe Murfitt from King’s Lynn Community Football. 

This course is designed to help the children to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle looking at diet and exercise, as well as sleep and screen time.  They learnt about the different food groups and how each group is beneficial to our body.  They have also learnt how much exercise they should have every day.  We also touched on the importance of sleep and looked at how many hours each age group, from infant to young adult, should have per night as well as screen time and how much time a child should spend on a screen each day which surprised them and we hope they can swap some of their screen time for some exercise.  The class did some fantastic work and should be really proud of themselves.